About Omnio

Omnio is a leading provider of device onboarding solutions for industrial IoT. Omnio’s software is powered by machine learning to provide understanding of how devices communicate. This knowledge is embedded in the software, which in turn enables customers to onboard devices in just a few clicks. Depending on customer needs, Omnio can be deployed in both edge and cloud scenarios.

Omnio’s solution is targeted at helping IoT platform providers, OEMs, system integrators and end-device owners onboard devices fast and easily.

The company’s key areas of expertise are Manufacturing, Water & Power, Offshore & Maritime and Commercial Buildings.

The founding team

Co-founder - CEO

Mikkel Christian Sørensen

Founder & CEO


Mikkel Schönherr Thøgersen

Co-founder & COO

Back in 2009 Omnio’s founders became pioneers in IoT when they designed one of the world’s largest industrial IoT implementations. The solution today connects roughly 300.000 refrigerated containers as they are shipped around the globe and provides capabilities in predictive maintenance, tracking, remote firmware updates and much more. Through the experience of scaling this and other IoT projects, the founders realized the need for making it easier for everyone else and hence Omnio was born.

Omnio team

Omnio.net ApS

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1552 Copenhagen V