Junior Developer Intern

About the internship

Omnio is an IoT start-up connecting the industrial world to the internet. Our vision is to make industrial IoT devices as simple to connect as to connect a mouse to a computer. We are seeking a Junior Developer Intern for fall 2019.

We are expanding our team across the board and need help evolving test setups and figuring out novel solutions to hard operational challenges. You will gain sharp insights into industrial automation and become familiarized with many different industrial device classes. At Omnio success is a team effort and everyone is important for us to succeed!

Omnio enables medium and large companies to connect their industrial devices in a structured way - meaning the data is delivered in a uniform fashion across different manufacturers.

We are specialized in a large number of devices, with physical test setups, and support a number of industrial protocols.

In Omnio we work with a mix of different programming languages, primerally:

● Rust, Go, Python, C and JavaScript.

Our technologies span:

● Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Django, Adobe, Azure, AWS, etc.

About you

We have many light and medium tasks, both in DevOps and on our cloud and edge - Right now our focus is to build a fantastic frontend for our users, and create a more streamlined workflow for our data entry team.

Possible tasks for an intern could be:

● Implement and improve our user-frontend (JavaScript w/ framework a la React/Angular/Vue.js).

● Implement and improve our database management (PostgreSQL/AWS/Docker/Kubernetes).

● Implement support for a new protocol in our edge (Rust/C).

The final tasks will be based around your skills and preferences.

Diego García