Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are a micro-cosmos similar to a city - with services such as elevators, water, ventilation and lighting absolutely crucial for meeting the needs of the occupants. The efficient management of these services can make or break the profitability of the building and most be balanced with the need for comfort.

To optimise the building, industrial IoT has many opportunities. Often, just getting visibility into the consumption of energy and water brings to light savings potentials in the double digit percent range. Especially on HVAC, pumping and boiler applications the room for optimization is often substantial. Getting data from the devices installed in these applications is key to begin optimizing your building.

Most buildings have over time accumulated a lot of devices and machines from different manufacturers. Connecting to these devices and extracting data can be a momentous task, holding back the realization of the potential.

Omnio solves this by providing a software solution that makes it as easy to connect these devices to your chosen IoT solution, as a mouse to your PC.  This means that all your products will become interoperable and you and your customers can easily connect and communicate with any of them. The solution is software based, requires zero retrofit and even works for legacy devices. This means you can get data from your devices into your optimization solution, fast and easy.

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Commercial Buildings

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