Industry 4.0 is making in-roads across production companies and the potential benefits are considerable. The promise of more efficient and optimised lines, capable of producting mass customised products at a lower cost, is a significant opportunity. Couple that with the potential for increased up-time through predictive maintenance and the case for adopting Industry 4.0 is clear. But how do you get started?

Omnio has worked with manufacturing companies to overcome the challenges most often found when adopting Industry 4.0 technology. Often the production floor will have many different makes and models of equipment. How to connect them all? Most often the production lines are also already connected to eg. a PLC and/or a SCADA system and the operation of this PLC is crucial to the company - so how do you extract more data without disturbing the current PLC setup?

With Omnio you have the necessary tools to connect to all the different devices in a uniform way. The data will be ready for use in eg Energy Management or MES applications, no datamapping needed. We will also co-exist with the current PLC setup ensuring no interuptions to the plant operations. This enables you to get started with, and scale, Industry 4.0 in your plant, fast and easy.

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