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Offshore & maritime are perfect industries for industrial IoT. Valuable assets deployed over vast areas. High costs of any downtime. Service visits to assets most be well-timed and well-prepared to avoid expensive re-visits. The potential for IoT technologies like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and performance analysis is huge. 

Most offshore & maritime systems are complex systems, with many different devices and machines, old and new, working together. Some are also already run by control systems today. But new solutions like predictive maintenance require data extraction across these legacy devices in order to provide the value. Integration to all these devices can be expensive and complex, which may stop the project.

Prior to Omnio, the founders connected Maerks Line's fleet of 250.000 refrigerated containers to the internet. We truly understand the need for simplicity in digital solutions. Plug'n'play thinking is key. Deployment must be as easy as possible.

Omnio solves this by providing a software solution that makes it as easy to connect these devices to your chosen IoT solution, as a mouse to your PC.  This means that all your products will become interoperable and you and your customers can easily connect and communicate with any of them. The solution is software based, requires zero retrofit and even works for legacy devices. We can even co-exist with your control system, with no interruption. This means you can get data from your devices into your optimization solution, fast and easy.

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Offshore & Maritime

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