Water Utility

Water utility networks are crucial infrastructure for cities. Ensuring the uptime and customer service at all times is absolutely key. At the same time, the costs of running a water network and transporting the waste water are significant. This necessitates continuous optimization of the energy consumption and leakage rates to ensure a cost efficient operation.

Often the networks run over hundreds of miles, with assets such as pumps, drives and valves spread over a large area. This is where software solutions such as remote monitoring of assets, the use of energy management software, and tools such as predictive maintenance are crucial.

To enable these tools, data needs to be collected from the assets and made accesible to the software solutions. But how do you connect all the different pumps, drives, valves and other equipment without drowning in integration work and disturbing the operation of the network?

Omnio solves this by providing a data normalization layer across all of them. This means that all your products will become interoperable and you can easily connect and communicate with any of them. The solution is software based, requires zero retrofit and even works for legacy devices.

With Omnio you have the necessary tools to connect to all the different devices in a uniform way. The data will be ready for use in eg Energy Management or predictive maintenance applications, no datamapping needed. We will also co-exist with the current PLC setup ensuring no interuptions to the network operations. This enables you to get started with, and scale, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and energy optimization in your network, fast and easy.

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Water Utility

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