Paris: 06.04.2018

Omnio wins Schneider Electric startup competition

We are excited to share that Omnio has won Schneider Electric’s startup competition during their 2018 Global Innovation Summit in Paris ahead of 114 other industrial startups.

The prize comprises inclusion in the Company’s incubation program as well as a non-equity cash injection.

Getting recognized by one of the world’s leading industrial giants is a huge honor for and we look forward to work with Schneider Electric to make industrial devices fast and easy to onboard to IoT solutions.

Read more about the competition and the other amazing startups that participated here.

Schneider Innovation Summit

Palo Alto: 01.12.2017

Omnio joins SAP IoT Startup Accelerator

We are delighted to announce that we now part of the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator program.

The SAP IoT Startup Accelerator is a globally accessible co-innovation program for selected B2B startups that are innovating in the world of the Internet of Things. The Accelerator helps startups grow and scale their business alongside SAP, their vast partner ecosystem, and global customer base.

Read more about it here.

New York: 06.10.2017

Omnio completes TechStars’ IoT Accelerator

Today marked the “graduation” from TechStars IoT Accelerator in New York. From being selected among 1100 applying IoT startups to graduating among a small group of highly impressive startups is truly humbling. The learnings and insights we have gained over the past 3 months have been transformative – from meetings with dozens of VCs, industry experts and well as getting introduced to key people in the organizations of the program’s main sponsors like GE, SAP, Siemens, Verizon and Bosch. We now look forward to continue contributing to and participating in TechStars unrivaled global network of startups and resources.

Also a big shout out to TechStars MD Jenny Fielding and Angie Müller for making the experience so valuable.

Read more about the accelerator program and participating startups here.

TechStars IoT Accelerator

Copenhagen: 10.05.2017

Omnio wins SEED Capital Discovery Day 2017

We are thrilled to share that Omnio has won SEED Discovery Day 2017. This makes it two out of two pitch competitions won by Omnio. Our mission to make industrial devices fast and easy to onboard to IoT solutions is clearly resonating well in the community.

As part of the prize Omnio has accepted an investment from PreSeed Ventures and SEED Capital of DKK 500,000.

Read more about the competition and other participating startups here.

SEED Capital Discovery Day 2017

Barcelona: 27.02.2017

Omnio wins first prize at IoT Stars 2017

We finally decided it was time to come out speak publicly about Omnio’s mission to make industrial devices fast and easy to onboard to IoT Solutions. The venue was IoT Stars 2017 during Mobile World Congress and we are truly honored to announce that we have won first place. What a way to get started!

We can’t wait to see what comes next for Omnio.

Read more about Iot Stars here.

IoT Stars

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