Omnio for manufacturers

Watch this short video for a quick overview of how Omnio's solution can enable IoT in your product line.

With Omnio's onboarding program your entire product portfolio, including legacy devices, will be pre-onboarded to major IoT platforms - Making your products IoT ready!


Product sheet

Omnio supports +20,000 end-device models. View our product sheet with the latest list of manufacturers, devices, protocols, platforms, gateways, output and applications supported by Omnio.

Relevant use cases


Interoperability is key for unlocking IoT potential

Most OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have over time accumulated portfolios of product offerings relying on different protocols and data models. This is a significant problem for both their customers and the OEMs themselves when developing digital solutions that require normalized data.

Omnio solves this by providing a data normalization layer across all of them. This means that all your products will become interoperable and you and your customers can easily connect and communicate with any of them. The solution is software based, requires zero retrofit and even works for legacy devices.


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