Omnio makes device onboarding fast and easy - also for legacy

Connecting your industrial devices can be a daunting experience. Especially legacy devices using Modbus, Profibus or other industrial protocols, can take days or weeks of integration work. In our experience, most industrial IoT implementation are based on legacy devices, from many different manufacturers - in which case the challenge is even greater.

How do you implement the right protocol stacks and data models? How do you easily normalize their data and make it ingestible for eg. your predictive maintenance or remote monitoring solution? And how do you make sure they work with your IoT solution, even if you decide to migrate to another supplier? Omnio makes it all fast and easy.

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Product sheet

Omnio supports +10,000 end-device models.

View our product sheet with the latest list of manufacturers, devices, protocols, platforms, gateways, output and applications supported by Omnio.

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Solo Connect

If you have devices which are isolated and not connected today, eg. metering devices or valves across a large network, Omnio Solo Connect enables you to connect these devices one by one, across manufacturers and device models, with no custom integration.

Solo Connect

Multi Connect

If you have multiple devices, eg. a pump and a drive that you want to connect to your solution through the same gateway, Omnio Multi Connect is right for you. Even if the devices use different communication protocols and interfaces, we will get the data for you, with no custom integration.

Multi Connect

PLC Connect

Many industries use PLCs extensively to control their devices. Getting additional data from the devices traditionally requires altering the PLC programming, which is a risk. Omnio can co-exist with your current PLC setup and extract the additional data, without interrupting you operations or changing your PLC.

PLC Connect

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