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Add Omnio to your IoT solution

Omnio's edge translation layer seamlessly onboards your devices, ensuring interoperability. Now, you no longer need to worry about the multitude of legacy protocols or individual device data models. Omnio reports all device data in one format, normalized and timestamped, customized to your existing IoT platform.

Make industrial brownfield devices easily connectable. Not limited to any specific device models, protocols, hardware or platforms. Omnio's middleware solution can get all the data, ready to use on- or offline, on cloud or edge. Link OT and IT systems through MQTT or OPC UA to realize the benefits of the industrial IoT faster, at a lower cost.


Omnio supports Intel x86 architecture.


Product sheet

View our product sheet with the latest list of manufacturers, devices, protocols, platforms, gateways, output and applications supported by Omnio.

Schneider Electric
OPC Foundation Member