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Making IoT happen in oil and gas

Connecting devices in locations that are hard to reach or unmanned requires a high degree of automation and a plug’n’play user experience. Omnio makes this possible.


Carl is operations manager for a set of oil wells distributed over a large area. To keep costs down they are unmanned, only getting routine visits every 2 months. Sometimes Carl experiences that the service technician only arrives on the scene to find the well has malfunctioned some time ago – and often he does not have the right spare part with him, so he needs to return again or use expensive express shipping.

Carl wants to optimize this to keep maintenance costs down while improving uptime. He wants to remotely monitor that the wells are running and if they do break down, he’ll make sure the right parts are brought to the well site first time around by analyzing the data for possible causes.

To do the monitoring he will need to gather data from pumps, drives and valves on site. There are various makes and models in the sites, and he can only afford a short visit by his service personel to set up the monitoring solution – no time for custom work on site, it simply has to plug’n’play.


With Omnio’s software he can simply send a standardized communications panel using the Omnio software on the gateway he chooses, to enable the device integration seamlessly. The service technician requires no additional training: simply plug the solution in correctly and start it up.

The result is no revisits, shorter implementation time, lower costs and faster ROI for Carl.

This also applies to marine, water utility, power utility, agriculture and similar applications. Regardless of your application area, Omnio can help.


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