Enabling Industry 4.0 in manufacturing

Enabling Industry 4.0 in manufacturing

Omnio makes it possible to extract more data from devices already connected to a PLC without touching the PLC or doing custom integration.


In an industrial production facility the setup has been running for years: A PLC (programmable logic controller) controls a series of drives of various makes and models, running the motors for a conveyor belt. It works, and the plant manager does not want to risk a breakdown nor does he want any downtime on his line. In fact, he now wants to use predictive maintenance to further optimize the uptime of the line.

The predictive maintenance software chosen for the job requires upwards of 50 datapoints from each drive – across the different manufacturers and models. Unfortunately, the PLC is not set up to gather all this data and is not able to extract the data without a major change to the programming for each different device. In addition, it will also require a hardware upgrade for the PLC. This will risk more downtime and higher upfront costs of the integration than can be possibly saved through the predictive maintenance.


With Omnio it is possible to connect to the existing PLC network without interfering with the PLC function. Because Omnio knows the datamodels of the different models of drives, there is no need to hire automation engineers to do the additional data extraction – it is simply a few clicks on the computer screen and the data will start flowing into the predictive maintenance application in a predictable manner.

The result is shorter implementation time, no downtime, lower costs and faster ROI for the plant manager.

This also applies to water utility, power utility, commercial buildings and similar applications. Regardless of your application area, Omnio can help.


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