Mix and match devices

Enabling digital IoT products in water utility with plug’n’play

A key part of digitalization is to deliver new digital solutions, including software. These often rely on data from many different devices. With Omnio you can trust that your solution will work with your customers' devices without expensive customization.


Sarah is a Digital Product Manager with a large industrial company producing water utility equipment. She is charged with defining and building new digital software solutions in the water utility space. She is developed a remote monitoring product for dispersed pumping installations that the customers love and she is poised to do a big launch.

The solution only supports the devices from her own company – but it turns out the customers often have a mix of different suppliers installed. To really work for the customers, Sarah needs a whole team of engineers to do custom integration to other manufacturers' devices. This makes the implementation slow and costly, often undermining the ROI for the customer and the market potential and scalability of the digital product.


Using Omnio’s device support to facilitate the device onboarding for the solution, Sarah can trust that the solution will work with the customers' devices with no further integration on her part. The result is a smooth and fast implementation with a good ROI for her customers – and a significant increase in market reach and profitability for the product.

This also applies to power utility, commercial buildings, agriculture and similar applications. Regardless of your application area, Omnio can help.


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