Secure CNC data extraction

Secure extraction of data from CNC machines

Omnio makes it fast, easy and secure to choose which data you want from any standardized CNC controller.


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machines are often million-dollar investments and have a crucial importance in a manufacturing setup. A breakdown can cost millions in lost production and so the case for predictive maintenance is clear. CNC machines are often highly complex and computer-based systems which must be safe guarded from hacking and other cyber attacks.

Often the owners of CNC machines would like to use the latest tools to optimize the performance. At the same time they are hesitant to connect their machines to the open internet or the cloud in order to provide the optimization software with data from the machines. Lastly the CNC machines have a vast array of data available and developing the software to extract this data correctly can be significant cost.

What is needed is to deploy the predictive maintenance solution in an on-premise setup, avoiding the internet. To extract the data it is crucial that this offline setup can be run and maintained without the need for internet and that the time to acquire data from the device is as short as possible.


Omnio makes it fast and easy to choose which data you want from any standardized CNC controller. Our simple interface makes choosing the right data a matter of seconds, not weeks. To support the security requirements Omnio can run completely decoupled from the internet. This ensures a high security around your CNC machines, while providing you with the right data, at the right time from your assets.

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